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      The main mission of the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology is to ensure the scientific background for the consistency and accuracy of measurements in Romania, by:
  •  Maintaining and developing the national standards system of Romania.
  •  Making the national standards compatible with the corresponding international standards and the standards of other countries.
  •  The dissemination of units of measurement from the national standards to the secondary standards.
  •  Scientific research and development in the field of metrology.
  •  Calibration, verification and type tests of measuring instruments, high accuracy measurements and determinations, production and certification of reference materials, consultancy in the field of measurement theory and technique.
  •  Devising drafts of written standards in the field of metrology, technical norms, procedures used in calibrations, verification and testing.
  •  Providing technical assistance in the field of metrology, taking part in the assessment of the accredited laboratories.
  •  Organizing training sessions in the area of metrology, strategies for improvement and workshops for the personnel of metrology laboratories.
  •  Publishing technical literature: books, brochures, the ‘Metrology’ review.
  •  Cooperation with various institutions in Romania and abroad, taking part in the activity of international and regional organizations in the field of metrology and measurement theory and techniques.